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Some of the benefits of built up bituminous flat roofing systems:

  • Long term durability – correctly designed and installed, high performance bituminous roofing systems offer a proven long term life expectancy, with options achieving in excess of 20 years

  • Robust performance – a built up bituminous roofing system comprised of two – three layers of high performance membranes is made up of tough polyester base fabrics and polymer modified bitumen coatings, which ensure a damage resistant waterproof coating

  • Thermally efficient – a flat roof presents the smallest surface area for heat loss, therefore offering excellent thermal efficiency. A high performance bituminous roofing system will also be able to accommodate any further planned upgrades in the Building Regulations Part L to the thermal requirements, simply and with greater efficiency than some other roofing systems

  • Proven fire performance – many of the high performance reinforced bitumen membranes have been tested to the stringent British and European fire test standards, achieving the highest F.AA system ratings without the need for toxic compounds that can harm the environment. Other roofing systems can struggle to achieve such proven fire performance. High performance bituminous roofing systems achieving the full Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) approval are also available.

  • Wind uplift resistance – high performance bituminous roofing systems are fully bonded to the roof area and therefore offer high levels of resistance to wind uplift, without the need for mechanical fixings.

  • Warm roof systems – aluminium lined, bonded bituminous vapour barriers in a warm flat roof system offer the best performance for controlling the movement of moisture vapour. This is particularly important in flat roofs over bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Balconies and walkways – bituminous roofing systems are ideal for balconies, walkways, roof terrace areas and garden roofs (with root prevention layers)

  • Elastomeric membranes –bituminous roofing membranes now have elastomeric properties which mean that they move and flex with the roof structure.

  • UV impregnated membranes – modern bituminous roofing membranes are UV impregnated to combat the degrading effects of exposure to the sun.

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