Completed tiled roof with new Velux roof windows
New tiled roof with GRP valley gutters
New roof with dry verge system

Undergoing a new full roof project is a decision requiring careful thought and planning.

Buyers need to have the assurance that their investment in a new roof is being carried-out by trusted and reliable experts to enhance a property and its value and improve its weatherproofing and energy efficiency rating.

J & C's Roofing and Building Services are experts at working with a budget to get the best value for money in roofing projects whilst achieving lower energy bills through installation of insulation, improving property value and giving peace of mind that all new roofing projects come with our insurance-backed 10 year Warranty, which can be transferable to a future new home-owner

J & C's Roofing and Building Services carries-out numerous new roofing projects each year using materials such as slate, artificial slate, clay, concrete, pantiles and rosemarys. All new roofing projects undergo extensive stripping, installation of new high performance breathable membranes, all new pressure treated timber laths and slates or tiling.

We use dry ridge and verge systems on most roofing projects (unless specified otherwise), removing the mostly unreliable mortar bedding of ridge and verge tiles which can crack and break after a while. These dry systems offer complete peace of mind; tiles are then able to flex and move with the expansion of the roof, without risk of any breakages and are instead fastened to the main roofing timbers via a full bracket system. This method is also very good in preventing strong winds uplifting the roof coverings.

If you are considering a new roof, J & C's Roofing and Building Services will view your property and provide a concise free quotation and advice to complete your project.

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