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At J & C's Roofing and Building Services we replace and repair lots of lead flashings, canopies, and bay roofs every year.

Often the biggest cause of leaks around old chimney stacks is perished and worn CODE 3 lead work. For the lay person, Lead is measured by weight and thickness.

CODE 1 is for example like paper, while CODE 5 is like a thick cardboard. The thicker the lead, obviously the more robust it is. However, the thicker you go the more un-manageable it is and becomes difficult to form and cut into appropriate flashings or shapes.

Lead was scarcely used back in the early 1900’s and often chimneys were simply flaunched with cement to try and keep the rain out.

Over the years CODE 3 and 4 were introduced to offer a more permanent solution to chimneys, bay roofs, and stepped flashings.

Nowadays, like most roofing companies we push customers towards the sole use of CODE 4 lead for the majority of domestic properties, and furthermore CODE 5 for bay canopies. We believe its durability and thickness make it more difficult to damage or perish in today's more extreme seasonal weather changes. It will also resist better to impact from falling slates/tiles etc.. should the roof be under attack during very stormy weather.

Lead work is a specialist job and should not be attempted by the novice

We here at J & C's Roofing and Building Services we are in the position of employing a lead specialist, whose job it is to conduct all of our lead work installations.  We also carry out ‘lead welding’ joining laps and separate pieces together to form a sturdy and complete waterproof seal. Through this we achieve consistency and very high standards.

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